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How I manage to profit from online gambling

When you read the headline of this article, you were probably quick to make the presumption that the content of this article would be a load of rubbish, which is something I understand. We all know that beating the casinos cannot be done, at least not from a technological point of view. All the games in a casino is carefully designed so that the algorithm that the game is based upon is in favor of the online casino, meaning that if you play for long enough, the casino’s edge will sooner or later become more apparent and the casino will win more than you do, which causes you to lose most of your money in the long run.

This is something that I do not disagree with, I’m actually very aware of the fact that you cannot beat a casino by employing a certain strategy or by betting in a certain way, but that does not mean that there is nothing you can do to profit from playing at an online casino. Although we can’t change the rules of the games, we can still get an advantage. What many people overlook is the fact that most casinos today offers a pretty large first deposit bonus when you first sign up with them. Obviously, this is a way to try and snare people into playing with them, and they usually don’t offer a second deposit bonus.

Playing with a bonus does not not increase your chance in the game per se, you are still a slight underdog when you are making a bet in roulette for example. But if you think of it this way instead: Say you are depositing £10 in a casino and start playing, and you keep betting £1 on the roulette wheel on a single color. Would your chances of winning not be greater if you had £20 and kept betting £1 on every spin? Well, that is exactly what you are doing when you are playing with a bonus. A lot of casinos offer a 100% bonus on your first deposit, which obviously doubles your chances of success!

The second, and most important thing to remember, is that there seems to be an almost infinite amount of online casinos on the internet today. If most casinos offer a large deposit bonus, this would naturally mean that there are also an almost infinite amount of bonuses to take advantage of. Many people make the mistake of starting out at a certain casino and then stay there for the rest of their time. If you really want to make money when you are gambling, you should instead sign up to a new casino site each time you are making a deposit, as it gives you a much higher chance of winning! You can find loads of good casinos at this website.

This “system” of mine is not only available in casinos, but can be used in any form of game type that offers a bonus. It works equally good in bingo, for example. If you start out at balloon bingo, to name one, you will get a first deposit bonus of a whopping 200%!