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The Outlook Thread Compressor

I remember when I first started using email heavily in my work a couple of years ago, and how much time I was spending just cleaning up in my inbox as to not waste space and to make navigation easier. Anyone who works with some sort of customer facing job online will know that emailing is likely to take up most of your working day, and therefore we welcome all sorts of assistance that can help us ease our work load.

As I said just now, I was annoyed by the fact that every couple of days I would have to spend an hour or two just deleting emails that was not necessary for me to keep in my inbox in order to leave new space for new emails. You know when you have had a discussion with someone and you just have a long, long chain of emails lying there? That’s what I had to deal with several times a week.

Luckily, I found a tool online called the outlook Thread Compressor, which is an application for Microsoft Outlook, that takes care of these kinds of problems for you. I will explain how it works. After you activate the plug-in, it automatically starts filtering your Outlook inbox. When you are having a discussion with someone via email, it’s usually so that you send each other several emails back and forth as the conversation goes on. This leaves a trail of emails in your inbox, all from the same person and the same discussion. The question is, do you really need all these emails lying around in your inbox? At first, you might think “Yes, I do! What if I need to go back in our conversations and reference something, or to check a fact?” which is a valid point, but not necessary true. In most cases, when you reply to an email, the email that you send back will also contain the same email you are responding to, which means the recipient can actually see in your email what he was sending in the first place.

This means that when he in turn replies to your reply, the whole conversation will be sent back in the same email, meaning that you can always go through the whole conversations in the lates reply you have been given.

What’s so great about the Thread Compressor application is that it detects these threads, so that if you have a long chain of emails with someone, it will automatically delete the emails that you do no longer need. This will save you a great deal of space on your email-account, as well as giving it a much cleaner look. I do have to point out though, that this application is being used at your own risk, as it actually does delete emails for you, and there’s no guarantee that it will actually be right all of the time. With that said, I have used the Thread Compressor for years without any trouble, so I can do nothing but to warmly recommend it to anyone who deals with a lot of emails at work! You can read a bit more about this application on this website!